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Navagate, Inc. provides enterprise class relationship management software products and services that help insurance companies manage direct and indirect distribution channels. Our products help automate the identification, acquisition and management of customers while integrating complex marketplace-wide sales processes, all done without having to re-engineer proven, long-standing business workflow. Built with industry standard, open technologies, these solutions are comparatively inexpensive and can be deployed quickly, providing an easily quantifiable improvement of customers' revenue growth and profitability.

Вакансии компании xml
Дата создания Позиция Уровень з/п
05.08.2010 Java Developer от 0 до 0 $/мес.
05.08.2010 PHP Developer от 0 до 0 $/мес.
05.08.2010 QA Engineer от 0 до 0 $/мес.
15.07.2010 Systems Architect от 0 до 0 $/мес.
15.07.2010 Web Designer от 0 до 0 $/мес.
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