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Locatory.com is the best what happened in aviation parts industry during last 15-20 years. It is fast growing project constantly being developed and improved by international young professionals’ team. This position is so called classic start-up including all advantages and challenges, so dynamic environment is guaranteed. Beyond company offers all social guaranties and excellent motivation rewards system, carriers’ opportunities. You have a great opportunity to join the team from the very beginning and become a part of a new Lithuanian e-commerce success story.

Вакансии компании xml
Дата создания Позиция Уровень з/п
06.03.2013 WEB Программист от 0 до 0 $/мес.
06.03.2013 web-программист от 0 до 0 $/мес.
08.02.2013 WEB Программист (развитие информационных систем) от 0 до 0 $/мес.
15.11.2012 Remote Sales Representative от 0 до 0 $/мес.
03.10.2012 Remote Sales Representative от 0 до 0 $/мес.
28.08.2012 Remote Sales Representative от 0 до 0 $/мес.
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