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Senior Ruby Developer

Code Experts
Дата публикации
05.02.2015 г.
Специализация вакансии
Информационные технологии/Интернет/Телеком - Web мастер
Информационные технологии/Интернет/Телеком - Интернет
Информационные технологии/Интернет/Телеком - Консалтинг/Аутсорсинг
Информационные технологии/Интернет/Телеком - Программирование/Разработка
Информационные технологии/Интернет/Телеком - Управление проектами
Информационные технологии/Интернет/Телеком - Электронная коммерци
Тип занятости
постоянная работа
Требования к опыту
3-5 лет
Должностные обязанности
Do you want to be challenged by your job and overcome those challenges with awesome people? If you do - we want you on the team!

We are looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails developer to be part of the team creating the next generation of gaming applications. As a team member you will work on products that run our business. We need you to passionately champion great ideas, collaborate on a distributed team, and exercise unencumbered intellectual curiosity so we can ship fantastic software together.

Desired Skills and Experience:

A qualified candidate will:

5+ years of Web Application development
2+ years developing applications with Ruby on Rails version 3 or above
Writing applications that are secure and have to scale.
Responsible development practices: writing unit and functional tests as part of development; writing maintainable, well structured code thoughtfully.
Be comfortable working collaboratively with distributed teams.
Exposure to the full stack: *nix, DevOps, automated systems, application development, JavaScript, CSS, and HTML5.
Be fearless: you know how to find the answer and you're not afraid to take a risk and try things that might not work.
Be a scientist: collect data and make informed decisions whenever possible.

An ideal candidate will also:

Love beautiful code: elegant code is often the result of elegant solutions.
Have extensive hands-on experience with web application frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Django, or Express.
Contribute to open source projects and participate in technical communities.
Understand distributed architectures such as data sharding, service oriented architecture (SOA), and load balancing, and know when to use them.
Совокупный доход на данной должности
от 2800 до 3500 $/мес.
пятидневная рабочая неделя