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California Startup Looking For Full-time Front-End Developer - Angular.js 2

Cyza, Inc.
Дата публикации
13.10.2016 г.
Специализация вакансии
Информационные технологии/Интернет/Телеком - Программирование/Разработка
Тип занятости
временная работа
Требования к опыту
от года до 3 лет
Должностные обязанности
California Startup is looking for full-time experienced front-end developer in Angular 2. Applicants requirements are:

1. Some experience or knowledge of Angular 2 and Typescript.

2. Develop new and edit existing platform designs using the latest SAAS, CSS, HTLM, and Bootstrap technologies.

3. Experience with Iconic Framework 2 for developing mobile applications is preferred but not required.

4. Basic conversational English is enough to work with us and you do not have to be fluent.

This is a remote position in which you would work from home with our team in California and other countries. We are developing a web and mobile marketplace platform for services. Our current back-end technology is in Golang and the front-end is in Angular 2. Please inquire by sending CVs and Resumes to team@cyza.com
пятидневная рабочая неделя
(949) 335-7181