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Системный администратор/System Administrator

КФ Аргумент
Дата публикации
11.07.2012 г.
Специализация вакансии
Информационные технологии/Интернет/Телеком - Системный администратор
Тип занятости
постоянная работа
Требования к опыту
от года до 3 лет
Должностные обязанности
Senior System Administrator
- Position requirements to the employee (what an employee should create, do and what result s/he should bring): Uninterrupted and reliable work of computers, peripheral devices and network
- Actions to be performed by the employee
1) Tooling and debugging of computers, peripheral devices and network;
2) Servers tooling: DB, Windows, Linux and others as may be required;
3) Tracking and timely installation of updates to computer software and system;
4) Computer protection in network from viruses and spam
5) Uploading projects to testing and production servers
6) Self education in administration sphere
- Skills required to perform duties
1) Ability to find quickly technical information required
2) Ability to find non-standard solutions
3) Communication
- Working experience necessary for this position
1) 2+ year experience
2) Written English
3) Knowledge of Windows and Linux operating systems
4) Knowledge of Web Servers, Mail Servers and other services
5) Experience in remote servers management
6) Local network installation, setting up and support
7) Local hardware diagnostics and maintenance
8) High loyalty and reliability qualities
- Responsibility
1) Productivity and uninterrupted work of technical equipment and network in the office
2) Safety of technical equipment and software.
- Possible effect to the company in the result of the employee’s wrong actions
1) Problems by project teams
2) Loss or business problems by the client
3) Loss of client
4) Earning a bad reputation by the company in the client’s sphere
- Importance of team work and actions coordination
1) Leading position on organization of technical help to the employees
- Kinds of motivation provided for this position
1) Payment for certification exams
2) Payment for overtime hours
3) Acknowledgement from the group and management
4) Salary increase
5) Promotion
- Adaptation system: what a person should pass before s/he properly takes this position
1) Introduction to the development rules in the company
2) Introduction to approaches and tools
3) Work in common with current administrators
4) Work on small tasks
5) Probation period from 1 to 3 months
- Possibilities
1) It will be necessary to face a large number of tasks, related to search for non-standard or technically difficult or unrealizable solutions
2) It is constantly necessary to improve and broad one’s knowledge in the administration sphere
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