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Ведущий инженер-теплотехник

Дата публикации
15.09.2012 г.
Специализация вакансии
Некоммерческие организации - Благотворительность
Некоммерческие организации - НИИ
Тип занятости
постоянная работа
Требования к опыту
от года до 3 лет
Должностные обязанности
The position
Knowledge of thermal management is applied by the candidate using state of the art tools, such as analytical (e.g. Matlab, Matcad, Excel) and numerical models (CFD/FEM tools, e.g. Ansys (experience is a pre), or Flotherm/EFD (can be learned very fast) or Ansys CFX to build models that describe the behavior of the products / systems. Thermal design solutions are proposed, evaluated and engineered in close cooperation with mechanical designers and other relevant experts. The candidate also executes experiments to validate the models and participates in (thermal) qualification tests.

The requirements and competencies

• (Applied) Physics or aerospace engineering or mechanical engineering, with emphasis on heat & flow phenomena.
• University degree (BSc./MSc./Ph.D.)
• Heat & flow, and preferably thermo-mechanical behavior of constructions.
• Experience and affinity with CFD/FEM modeling and be able to master quickly the relevant software tools: Ansys (FEM), Flotherm/EFD/Ansys CFX or Fluent (CFD tools).
• Experimental experience in heat & flow measurements is a prerequisite.
• Strong communication and team player skills are required.
• Pro-active approach and critical attitude.
• Eager to learn.
• Customer centric and business-wise.
• Helicopter view.
• Technical driven and a good knowledge of the English language

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