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Work in Cyprus and Lebanon for Dancers and Hostess

Work Agency
Дата публикации
12.10.2017 г.
Специализация вакансии
Искусство/Развлечения/Масс-медиа - Прочее
Тип занятости
постоянная работа
Требования к опыту
без опыта
от 18 до 28
Должностные обязанности
Work in Cyprus

Dancers - Hostess: age between 18 - 28.
Clubs: Biyax & Romantik (Lefkosa)
- Contract 4- 6 months
- Work time from : 8:00 pm - 1:00 am.
- Hotel room & Food for free.
- Flight ticket for free.
- Salary from: 6000 $ - 15000 $ for time contract.
- Documents need: 3-4 of your photos full length. Color copy of your passport.
- Work visa and contract at the same day of arrival to Cyprus.
Send your photos and resume to our Email address or by Whatsapp & Viber.
Work in Lebanon for ladies by work visa and work contract

Jobs by work visa and Immigration work contract for females from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and more.
-Hostess (possible without experience).
-Dancer (professional or beginners, no experience need).
- Salary starting 900-1000 Dollars fixed by contract + % from consummation paid every month totally about (1500-2500$).
-Work visa for free (3-5 days).
-Work time: 10:00 pm. 5:00 am. (One day off per week).
-Accommodation, insurance, blood test and the flight ticket we buy it as credit and it will be deducted later from salary.
Documents which you need to apply for the job:
* Color copy of your passport (validation minimum of 9 months).
* Face photo for visa, size 3x4 (must be hair up, clear resolution).
* 2-3 any of your photos full-length.
* Short information about your (age, height, weight, language).
* Your contact info (Telephone number, E-mail, Whatsapp, Viber etc….)
Send your photos and information to our E-mail address or by Whatsapp / Viber. We will reply you back shortly.
You can contact us at any time by Skype, Telephone or Whatsapp & Viber.also you can visit our website to learn more about our job offers and Lebanon photos and videos.

Skype: clubinfo26
Skype: job961
ICQ: 609689593
Telephone: +96170218278 (Viber, Whatsapp)
Совокупный доход на данной должности
от 2500 до 15000 $/мес.
с 22:00 до 05:00
мобильная связь, оплата проезда, мед. Страховка,